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Friedens Starts Food Buying Clubs

By Drupal - Posted on 06 April 2010

Beginning in December of 2011, Friedens started a new concept to address the issue of hunger and food insecurity in the greater Milwaukee area. Friedens started food buying clubs at each of its'three pantry locations. The concept is for our members to create shopping lists from a pre-set list of items, and ultimately pool the list into one large group purchase.

At present, Friedens is securing most of the food for our food buying clubs from SHARE of Southeastern Wisconsin. Typically the SHARE list will include an array of individual items as well as a large bulk/basket purchase designed to create specific meals for the purchasers. Estimates from SHARE are that our members can save from 30% to 50% with each purchase. Friedens hopes to expand the list of food suppliers as our club membership grows.

Friedens staff collate the purchase list and submit it to SHARE on a monthly basis. Staff then pickup the food at SHARE and bring it to the respective pantries for distribution to the individual members. Members can pay for these purchases with a credit card, check, money order or a Quest Card.

We believe that this opens a new venue for Friedens in that we are targeting a larger income population than our traditional pantry client, but it is a client population that needs a helping hand, none the less. In many ways, this food buying club is Friedens attempt to impliment the biblical method of addressing hunger; in contrast to simply giving someone a fish, we are teaching people to fish.

The food buying club is open to all interested individuals, whether they are a pantry client or not. There is no cost to join and Friedens does not "mark-up" the cost of the food.

To learn more about this food buying club, or to become a member and receive our monthly purchase list, contact our staff at 414-289-6030 or via email at Interested individuals camn also request a shopping list, complete with prices, via email. As an added convenience, shopping lists can be sent back to Friedens via email, or by phone or in person.