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Friedens Thanks Johnson Controls Inc

Friedens would like to thank a very special donor this month. Our new Board member, Mr. Joe Timm has gotten his coworkers at Johnson Controls to start saving bags for use at our food pantries. This great effort started about 6 months ago when Joe asked what he and Johnson Controls could do to get more active at Friedens. Joe explained that Johnson Controls already was a generous donor to many organizations throughout the greater Milwaukee area so he could not promise large sums of money, but he wanted to help none the less.

Staff at Friedens explained some of the hidden costs of running a food pantry and we mutually decided that this was something that Joe and his co-workers might be able to help with. Specifically, for the convenience of our guests, Friedens volunteers bag up the groceries that we distribute. This results in a need to have sufficient bags on hand to accommodate the 14,000 families that we serve on an annual basis. Since we never get enough used bags donated, Friedens is left to purchase bags in bulk. At present, we spend over $2,000 annually purchasing bags. Joe and his co-workers realized that if we did not have to purchase bags, we would have $2,000 more to spend on food which we could distribute at our pantries. At present,$2,000 would purchase 5 tons of food. 5 tons of food would allow us to serve an additional 400 families.

Since the initial conversation with Joe and his co-workers, Johnson Controls has been sponsoring a "bag drive" for Friedens which produces several hundred bags every two weeks. This has had a very welcoming impact on our budget.

To learn more about Johnson Controls, please visit their corporate website at If your group, congregation, or company would like to host a fundraiser, a food drive for Friedens, or if you would like to start a regular collection for Friedens, you should feel free to contact our office and see what we can do to help get you started. Friedens can provide flyers, as well as barrels and boxes which can be used to collect the food and other items. In addition, we are always willing to pick up any donations you receive on our behalf. Simply call our office and we will be happy to arrange a pickup. We are also willing to come speak to your group to help get your effort started.